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Starchase v2 by fsk Starchase v2 by fsk
This one is a buffed up version of the starchase. It's allmost compleatly superscope based(there is one fast brightnes and a starfiled in there), and it looks great .
Again I must thank El-vis for the 3D rotation and projection code.
Sorry for the missing screen shot I am unable to make one at this time, I would be very gratefull if someone could make one and e-mail it to me. Basicly this preset includes two spaceships raceing around the planet shooting at each other.

btw: There is one more thing you can do for me:
tell me the speed of your proc., the FPS and the screen size. I need this for reference so I can make
presets that go fast on more computers (I can't resist working on it until it runs 25 FPS on my comp.
but I realy don't know how it will run on slower comps.). On my 1200 Mhz AMD this one goes 25 FPS on 360*270.

---------------------------------------- --------------------

Thanks to Evilrice for the screenshot
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MattSpire Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
lovely preset. i am tempted to get back into avspre ... i cant believe i deleted all my old ones.
degnic Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2002
I kinda missed the publish, but when I saw that this was in many deviants favourites , I decided to take a look at it. And it was really worth it. REally Awesome ssc work (perhaps the best I've ever seen ) Really like the daylight time and it was really clever put night time there too. Really impressive peace of work and it deserves all the +faves what it has.
evilrice Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh yeah:

CPU: 1.7Ghz Pentium 4
256MB Ram
400x300@32bpm Fullscreen
30 fps, works great.
evilrice Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow man, that is awesome! Fantastic work indeed. I too shall +fav

da16x Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
- OMG ( The Second Time )

- Thizz Iz Great ;) (Wink)

- Thumbz Up Award Thumbs Up
tuggummi Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
That is incredible!
I love it! The colours are incredible smooth and the ships are awesome, i especially liked the fumes which are sound responsive! (way to go!). And it seems that this isn't one of the animated preset, because there is actually much music visualization in this.

For all the other viewers i must say that don't watch this only for a minute, because then you don't get to see all the neat stuff like daylight/night-time :) (Smile)

oh yeah and btw.
Cpu: 850mhz athlon
Memory: 256mb
window size: 220x220
Speed: 18 fps (runs pretty good =D (Big Grin) )

+fav again ;) (Wink)
bruxo Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
Cool, i love those "animated" presets.

processor - 500mhz
fps - 8.9 - 9.5
resol - 320 X 164

It runs at a good speed to me and I don't think it slow at all.
horse-fly Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
that is cool. you should make them explode and then replaced by new ones

processor - 466mhz
fps - 17.0 - 18.0
reso - 140 X 147
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June 24, 2002
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