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pickin dim 2 by fsk pickin dim 2 by fsk
my avs presets
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fsk Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2002
Great work. And I had the opertunity, to be right there, where everything was happening. It was very exciting, all this numbers....

blazer1504 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2002
I little missed this pack too but when I saw 3 comments & 3 favourites i thought I should dl this. And it was worth it. The presets (especially 2nd version's) were really originally and pretty cool too. The superscopes were amazing and really quality. That spray bottle preset was brilliant but it (spray) moved only in a tiny area, if you could fix that it would be superb. Nk burner is also very good one...Recommended download for everyone who likes avs's
jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2002
I just saw this pack and from the previous comments i can say i feel bad i have somehow managed to miss it's publishing. Sorry. In order to give you my apologies i will make something i have not done before- comment while i am exploring through your pack and give you my impressions. It's a new experience for me so don't sue me if i am not good at it :P (Razz)
Ok so i downloaded it (it came fast to me although it seemed to be big...strange). So i now see the installer. Stylish! And here it comes-i see my name here :) (Smile) Good. I am starting really to enjoy this :D (Big Grin) And another surprise- a skin!! Not many people do this- add one to their packs. But i think you should have made an ability for it to install directly to winamp(just an ability to start jacamp.wsz after installation). So i had to look in the installation history (good you left it :) (Smile) ) to see the name. My first impressions from the skin-tuggummi is right- no AVS window, but it is very stylish, i like it a lot. Now let's see them presets. The first few have pretty similar construction, but i too make many different versions of my presets. My suggestion here is to add on beat zooming to the roto blitter so that it really starts to detect :D (Big Grin) Yep. Escape form Hell is the best of them. Good you left it last from the three. It's like a culmination. At first i didn't understand why that wamp rules was in here, but then it started now... a BRAIN CLUMP!!! Damn! A tribute to me :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Thanx! You know... this is exactly what a brain cloump looks like. I am sure :P (Razz) Wow i am impressed.
Broken TV :D (Big Grin) Haha...Original, i must admit D
In crazy colours you have used the bump in an interesting way-something like a render ;) (Wink) Yeah. I have tried that too before, gives a good effect.
KVA-i like abstract. This one looks like a crazy combination of Zen-X's and Tonic's stiles.Goes well with the skin.
Loosing it-like hmm two presets in one. Both weird.NK Burner...i just don't know what to say...And that spider... looks realistic with those feet.
The storm-at first reminds me of my last preset, butinstead of a boring sun we are watching a storm, which can surely give a lot more beat detection.
Well i am now finsihed. I hope you are not bored by this loong comment (one of my longest EVER). Now that i have been liiking at that pack for more than an hour all i can say is that it is very original, with great variation between presets. A Must download for everyone.
Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker You were just calorizedPoo
tuggummi Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2002
Man this is AWESOME!
NK Burner is a really clever preset! And i like Flower Power too! and CD! And OOOOOH!!! Drool Psychotic
There are few ones that could be cut out, but overall this pack is great!

And yes the Framerate isin't so good in these presets, but luckily im viewing them at school not at home =D (Big Grin)

Oh by the way. You missed a spot in the Equalizer window of the winamp skin ;) (Wink)
danjoe Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2002   Digital Artist
Oh've gotta download this! absolutely great design!
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April 18, 2002
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