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who doesnt:).  i dunno if its just me but the problem of spam on devart is getting out of hand imho.

i have to flag comments every single day. i wish i could just block all comments on my page:/.
dont really know how this happened but im happy:).

to whoever is responsible: Thank you.
well it seems my free subscription ended right on time.

the official Line Rider page has been redone and now even has a forum:)

flashforward festival

Fri Aug 31, 2007, 8:45 AM
I decided that until we get the forums up ill continue to talk about the Beta 2 here in my journal.

well its been a while since i posted anything, kinda left the linerider thing after my laptop got stolen:/.

anyway im working on an update now so something should move some time soon.

in the min while. line rider got in the finals of the flashforward festival in the online aplication category. hope it gets picked:). if it doesn't, you can still help it win the users choice award by voting for it here… (its in the tenth row).

thanx for your support.


Devious Journal Entry

Mon Feb 26, 2007, 3:11 PM
I decided that until we get the forums up ill continue to talk about the Beta 2 here in my journal.

i havent posted any updates in a long time now so il just explaing why:).

i was kinda busy for three weeks and kinda lazy for the fourth week. the thing is, my time in california is running out:/ and i just wanna have a bit of fun before i leave. i am thinking about the game and what i wanna add next so when i get back home ill make the next release happen. that should be in two weeks time. if i find the time ill post 6.2 with some bug fixes but what i really wanna do is add some more stuff so the next release isnt just bug fixes:).


Line Rider Progress

Thu Jan 11, 2007, 9:45 PM
I decided that until we get the forums up ill continue to talk about the Beta 2 here in my journal.

Revision 6 is up!!!!!111one

It fixes the track changing bug for good.

pre revision 5 tracks will not work! revision 5 tracks will load and work but edit them at your own peril (everything should be fine if you just draw new stuff at the end of the track or only use scenery lines).

fixed a lot of other bugs with this one. no more actionscript errors on long loads (made a kinda cool load progress thing). and a lot of minor gui issues you guys reported. didnt fix the bug where when the rider crashes makes everything go away (saw it once but couldnt replicate it). fixed the annoying glitch that happened when pressing play. and many many small stuff.

this is the most bug free version so far:). the testers couldnt brake it at all. but please try it yourself and report any issues. no software is ever free of bugs:D.

please read the help for new features, i made you a new and sexy help page;)

thanx to all the people who helped me test this version and make it as solid as it is (you know who you are;) ).

what i want to say is MERRY CHRISTMASS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!one.
ill enjoy my hlidays but right after that ill give you guys a new version:).

hmmmm, well i guess thats it:)



i sent the webmaster the latest version. i hope it gets online soon.

whats new:

- i think i fixed the ever so anoying bug with changing accelerator lines
- added movable start point (this should also fix the bug where the rider was all split up on reload if you earsed the first line)
- you can now zoom in more
- tracks with the same name get overwritten (this has no confirm dialog yet so be carefull)
- keyboard shortcuts


please report any bugs so the next one can be better:)
well its out. you can see it here

unfortunately the whole site doesnt work yet (forum), hopefully will fix it in the next couple of days.


well i have been fixing stuff a lot and i think i cleared out the issue with not being able to edit loaded tracks. it was a preety severe bug.

most of these bugs are there because i ported the game from actionscript 2 to action script 3 and then worked on that version. but it turned out that the as3 version doesnt work on macs (a bug in the flash player) so i had to go back to the as2 one which wasnt so polished out as the other one. hopefully all the bugs will get fixed in the next couple of days and everithing will work smoothly from there on.

the updated one is online. please report if you still have the same issues as with the last one.

a few things about line rider

Sun Dec 10, 2006, 9:07 PM
i have a dentist apointment early today so i didnt go to sleep because i would prolly miss it. with this spare time on my hands i decided to tell you guys a few things about line rider:).

i got the idea from one of my drawings i do in my sketch book. the drawing features a big hill drawn with a single line, 3 pine trees and a tiny sledder on the top just about to go down. his hands are raised because of he excitement. i still have it but i currently cant get to it because its stashed somewhere with the rest of my sketches.
anyway i was looking at the thing and i remembered about a thing i used to do in primary school when i was bored. basically i would draw a 2d landscape with jumps clifs and whatnot and then draw another line representing the path of a motocross rider on the the track. and then it hit me 'if it was fun to just imagine this how fun would it be to watch it live'.

i just finished isotype so it seemed like a good project to work on next. and it was pretty clear from the start how it should work. i dint want any scoring because when you add scoring you promote certain types of play and discourage others. i just wanted it to be like i used to do it on paper. totally free. where you decide what happens why it happens and how it happens by simply drawing a line.

i didnt add the line drawing tool on purpose because i wanted it to be a freehand thing so it would involve some skill like any other good toy. i dint want to add the eraser because of the same reason and because i thought it would resemble life more. if you make a mistake its there, if its to big you have to start over.

i never managed to decide what was the story behind line rider. how did the guy get there? how does a person get in a situation where his whole life depends on some other person drawing a line? the best i could think of was this:

hmm, i gues i should give him a name right now:D. ill call him Dude for now, even though its the lamest name:)  (reminds me of big lebovski with his passivenes)

so the dude used to live in a wonderfull world filled with nice slopes of all types where he could sled all day (something like a sledding heaven) but unfortunately, whoever drew that world made a crucial mistake. he didnt use a light fast marker! and because of that, Dudes world slowly but surely faded away.
so now the Dude is without a world and the only one that can save him from the mind numbing white eternity is you! its your mission to give line rider the life you think he deserves. and the only tool you have is a small pen you had in your pocket.

thats it. i would like to give him a better name though. lets see if i can manage to add a forum where you guys can leave suggestions.


i did not want to say l will never add the extra tools:)  i just explained why they werent there in the first place.

and i can tell you that the update is coming really soon. for real this time:)

there is a forum thread i made bottom left (you have to be in the journal to see it its not on the main page) where you can leave name sugestions for the Dude


why hasnt there been any word about the progress you ask?

well there is nothing to tell basically. the next version is coming thats for sure. it will come sometime in december that much im sure about. for the rest, i cant say and i made mistakes before, promising it too soon and then disappointing people. i dont want to do that again.

The other thing is, i just put this online like any other stuff on the page except this time there were thousands of people wanting to shake my hand. And i guess my hand got sore:).

Besides all the fun stuff that came with the success of line rider there are also a lot of responsibilities that came with it. It takes a bit more than just coding it to get it done right.

Im really glad you like it so much. it opened a lot of possibilities for me that were not there before, and i hope all the delays will make sense once the new one actually does come out.
Everyone is asking me when is the update coming:).

the thing is:

the update has had so much bad luck i cant belive it. first my MoBo broke down so i set up my old comp to work on it. then i got an ear infection which also put the work on hold. when i got better my comp got a virus or something which forced me to do a sistem restore in safe mode. this replaced some files with a two day older version. when i got to the point i was i got a virus or something and my sistem was beyond repair. fortuntely i had another drive with the os instaled on it but thet got f***ed up in one day. So now im working on my friedns computer not connected to the internet:).

the other things keeping back the update is ppl stealing my work:/(because i have to think about how to prevent this which is more work i dont need), and me geting a server for the linerider site. since i have to put it on a diferent site so i can later add stuff like track sharing and such.

I know you are impatient and so am i:). i cant tell you about any dates because whenever i did that it turned out to be wrong because of another unexpected setback.

thanx for all the coments and stuff:).

and did the article actualy make it in the printed version?
hello and welcome to my little piece of devart. i hope you find something interesting:).

some thoughts:

if i gave you a fav there is no need to thank me.


because if i gave you a fav that means i already got something from you and gave you a fav because of that. it means something about your deviation made me think or it gave me a smile because it was a neat idea or i learned something from it or something else in that fashion:).

i usualy dont thank ppl either, but that doesnt mean i dont appreciate it. i dont put things here to get favs i put it here so other ppl can see it and hopefully get something from seeing it.

thanks for dropping by, till next time...
jesterday i had a skype chat with yath and i shoved him some (actualy i raped him with a lot of them) of my phone flicks. Since hes a photo person and i wanted his opinion:). he didnt say they were any good but he didnt say they were bad either.he did tell me which he liked best and dthat i shoul get a flick account. But since i lost my phone and cant take any more photos for a while ill just post some of them here.

A couple of days back i actualy wanted to post all 3000+ photos that i ever made with my phone in a zip file. that was the resault of me looking at the photos and geting all nastalgic and pathetic and shit. fortunately enough the ul failed:D, and you were all (includeing the servers) spared the 100mb zip with one year worth of photos.

so check them out and if you feel like it say a word or two about them :)
yeah, like every year, i poste a jurnal entery for ma bday.
what can i say, im gettin old:/ and its not even funny:).
im 26 today and i gues all my family hopes ill get my shit togeher and finaly grow up or something. but the way i see it is im not grown up until i get a real beard:D, which by the looks of it wount be so soon:).

anyway i wish you all my happy birthday, now go get drunk or somethin:)
c ya
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:) which means that this jurnal entery is probably gonna be here for a long time:D.